Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Girl With The Swedish Longeurs

Okay, I'm nearly there, though this is the longest book I think I've ever read, and I've read Middlemarch. I'm fed up with stories about women being brutalised though. They are all over the TV and all over crime stories - there are other types of crime, que no? What about some environmental crime, some corporate crime, piracy, war crimes, genocide - that doesn't ring any bells for people? No, we just like stories about beating up women. (It's okay if your heroine is a badass and gets her own back though, that makes it feminist.)

We have moved on in some ways though. Have you noticed with the Bradford murders, how they've switched to saying "women who worked as prostitutes" rather than just "prostitutes"? Bravo, the media. Maybe next we can leave out their job descriptions altogether.


  1. That said, they don't half go on about the fact that the suspect is a criminology student.

  2. My sister brought round the Daily Mail. You should have seen what they made of his PARENTS BEING DIVORCED...

  3. Richard Littlejohn doesn't like the "women who worked as prostitutes" line, he probably regards it as political correctness gone mad.

    It did lead to Stewart Lee describing him as "a cunt not someone who works as a cunt."

  4. Oh Stewart Lee - another reason to fancy you like mad.