Thursday, 2 December 2010


I don't really get Christmas presents, except from my sister. Which is as it should be really, being a Jewish atheist and all. The folks just give me money, which is always very welcome and much appreciated. But still think about a wishlist for Santa, sometimes. (Some of these are more metaphysical wishes, really.) And you?

List for Santa 2010

I wish for a milk foamer, or a fancy coffee maker. One of these would be nice.

I wish further for a coffee mill - I like this one. I bought beans by accident.

I wish for this perfume, from the best perfumiers in London, I have run out.

I wish I could either shag him or stop wanting to shag him, either would do.

I wish I could find another job I liked.

I wish I could get proper reception on my TV. Stupid TV.

I wish I could sell my flat & cane the proceeds by bumming off around the world
for a few years.

I wish I could go to art college instead of doing something practical but mundane.

I wish I could meet someone without having to undergo the torture
of internet dating.

Cheers, Santa.