Thursday, 21 July 2011

An honest opinion

I had an interview for a two year Fine Art course at City Lit.

I'd love to do a foundation degree but you can't really do them part time.

This is the first time I've shown my work to anyone, seeking an opinion. (At the studio they just teach us techniques but never offer criticism.)

But they are lovely and positive. Also direct and honest. They tell me they like my work and my ideas. I've got a good eye, I have good design skills.

But I don't have enough experience in painting and especially in drawing. If I start the course in September I'll be behind the other students. "What's your background in art?" "Er..."

They leaf through my work. I'm embarrassed about the life drawing especially. They say it's like my ideas have leapt ahead. "I want you to join the course. I'm excited to see the work you will produce... Hmm... How about if I make you an offer, to start in January instead? In the mean time you can take some life drawing courses here, then by the time you start you'll have caught up with the other students..." They tell me to keep a sketchbook too.

I'm quite pleased with this, I think they are right. I feel the gaps in my skills and knowledge and feel I'm having to cheat my way around them.

The truth doesn't hurt when it's offered constructively.


  1. So you are starting in january? Congratulations! And happy birthday Leon.

  2. They think you're good. Of course, we knew that already.

  3. it was very brave of you to put yourself forward like that, i'm thrilled for you that they were so positive. sounds like a sensible proposal.

  4. Yes, January - it is part time, I should say. Not sure how this is going to work.

    Thanks, my dears.

  5. Fantastic! Well done you. Enjoy the learnin' :)

  6. Good for you. Exc-eee-lleeent.