Sunday, 17 July 2011

I send a cross email

This looks very much my cup of tea. A spectacular theatre company putting on an immersive production with an exciting theatre, in an East London house.

Unfortunately, the run finished an hour ago.

Which is particularly unlucky as I signed up for the Arcola's mailing list months ago and I actually paid £20 to join bloody Punchdrunk's bloody mailing list.

Have either of them ever emailed me with updates? No, they have not.

Arcola are too busy recycling their coffee grounds & weaving yoghurt, and Punchdrunk are too busy pimping Stella Artois and Dr Who, and buggering off with their (UK) Arts Council grants to New York.

Rip off merchants.

I sent Arcola a cross email. I would try doing that with Punchdrunk but their *FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!* website is impossible to navigate & enough to drive you mental.

Oh well. Will just have to look forward to Decade in St Katherine's Dock in September instead.


  1. There's an online support community for people in your situation: First World Problems

    My personal First World Problem this week - the coffee grinder at work has broken so I have to make instant coffee instead. Ew!

  2. Yes. YES. My life is so hard.

    Now you're a marketing person, of sorts. If a customer said they hadn't been receiving updates, & asks nicely to be informed of your product, would you send them a slightly arsey email back? Here's what I got from someone named Barry:

    We don't have a postal mailing list. I know, Barry. That's why I said I haven't been getting emails. The last time we used it was at the start of this year with the last brochure. I would recommend signing up to the enews list which comes out weekly as is the best source for up to the minute news. I know, Barry. As I said, I've signed up for it and you haven't been sending it. Even if we had a postal mailing list out collaboration with Puchdrunk Enrichment would not have been posted out as there was no budget for it. So stop bothering me with your demands for information about our shows! I have important marketing work to be getting on with!

    I have PMT. I think I should stay away from people today. I've just had a fight with the bus driver who wouldn't let me off.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, when I saw the photo on your Google+ profile, I immediately thought "Oooh, who's she?"

    So used to seeing your weird cat avatar thing that I forgot you were a real person and not a magical internet pixie.

  4. Aw. That did make me feel much better.