Wednesday, 11 April 2012

And talking of books

There's a possibility to exhibit work in the Westminster Reference Library. I really want to do it but it is making artist's books, which I know nothing about. Too much on my plate as usual (job hunting, possibly will have to move again, thinking about an MA,) but I feel like I spend too much time thinking about artwork and no time at all making it. Call yourself an artist... but the last proper thing that I made was for the Freud Museum exhibition and that was two years ago. Two!

The V&A exhibition is still not confirmed and I feel anxious about making this work still. It's a vague little storm cloud on the horizon. So would it be foolhardy to say yes to something else, or should you just say yes and worry about how it gets done afterwards?

UPDATE: Have been inspired by this miraculous artist and maker of artist's books. Check her out.


  1. Say yes. Of course you'll regret it when you're trying to fine-tune it at 3 in the morning but you'll regret it even more when you see the exhibition and it's full of stuff that's inferior to what yours would have been, if only...

  2. Thanks, Tim. It's easy to make excuses and to say I'm too busy but it's what I really want to be doing (and the only thing really stopping me is Fear of Failure).