Tuesday, 17 April 2012


If you were to google welcome (with the correct spelling), the place you borrow books from, & blog, you will see what I was up to when on work placement last week.

It only strikes me now, how heart-breaking the photo album we found was.

That's the thing about archives. Their contents are never dusty and irrelevant, because you always view them in the light of the present moment. What they contain always relates to what is happening now.


  1. Hello A,

    I'm just rather shyly emerging from the ether, to say that I used to be ISBW but am nor re-christened and up and running with this new blog ident. You were kind enough to contact me when I closed down the old one, and asked me to let you know if I got going again.

    I'll be happy to put your blog on my new blogroll. Many thanks again!


  2. Hello! Ooh so glad that you have started up again! Here's to new beginnings... Will put you on the blogroll pronto.