Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Help. Me.

Look seriously, help me.

This is how far I've got. Lots of letters missing. Get your thinking caps on. Westminster, old & new, people, things & places. (Especially women connected with Westminster - I've been a bit rubbish at thinking of any.) I will send you a print if I adopt your suggestion. Or some chocolate or alcohol, if you prefer. Help!


B  Blitz      (as in, during the war, not the club in the 80s.)                          

C  Chinatown                                  

D Drury lane/Denmark st?


F Fleet street

G  - Gin houses/guards

H   Horseguards parade

I Intrepid fox ?





N   Newton

O One hundred club?

P  Piccadilly

Q  Quacks


S   Soho




W Wren?

     X  Charing X road   


 Z   Zebra crossing (Abbey Road cover)


Also watch this clever video:


  1. Women connected with Westminster?

    T for mrs Thatch surely?!

  2. I - ICA or Bar Italia.

    J - John Snow, the epidemiologist who worked out how cholera spreads from studies in Soho; or the pub that bears his name. Or Jeffrey Bernard.

    K - Krishna people blocking the pavement en masse, and their cafe off Soho Square.

    L - Liberty. Or (John) Logie Baird, who first demonstrated TV in Soho.

    O - 100 Club is usually spoken as The Hundred Club, so why not the Oscar Wilde statue?

    T - Tate (Britain). Or Tourists.

  3. Mrs T?! Oh Rog, Rog, it's like you don't know me!

    Good suggestions Tim. I especially like the Krishna one, though damn, I forgot about the Hundred club.

  4. A - Nancy Astor
    E - Edwina (as in Currie) or Embankment or Edith Cavell (there's a statue of her near Trafalgar Square)
    M- the Mall
    T - Tottenham Court Rd or Trafalgar Square
    J- Tessa Jowell
    L - Lords (as in houses of)
    V - Vauxhall (although I'm not sure that's technically in Westminster)

  5. God, this is hard. I worked in Westminster for 5 years and can hardly think of anything. These might not be brilliant if you've got to be strict about the Westminster boundaries (but that rules out Fleet Street):

    Michael Moorcock (more Notting Hill really) or Jerry Cornelius (are you allowed fictional characters? Nobody else has mentioned any).

    Sherlock Holmes

    Queen Victoria

    The Albert Hall

    Chelsea Pensioners

    William Blake

    Westminster Cathedral

    The Regency Cafe

    Bit more tenuous:

    Boudicca (big statue of her on Westminster Bridge)

    Dick Turpin (probably robbed some people in Westminster at some point)

    And some not very satisfying blue plaques:

  6. R Roxys/Rep cinema (see Anne Billson's great piece).



  7. Scotland Yard (Old or New)

    St James Station

  8. Cool! Lots of ideas! hurrah for the internet.

    GSE, Nancy Astor, brilliant. Edith Cavell, the Mall, brilliant. Edwina Currie though...
    (I fear my concept is a bit vague - I chose Westminster as a theme, as we had to find some inspiration from the venue, Westminster Reference Library, but it doesn't have to be about Westminster as a political beast.)

    Artog, you win the prize! Very helpful suggestions, including the blue plaque, as I never knew my heroine Mary Shelley was a Westminster resident. I also love the Chelsea Pensioners and Guy Fawkes as images, and the suggestion of fictional characters.

    B, nice one. I never knew all the South London Effra street names came from a river. I have to get a river or at least a bridge in there somewhere.

    Thanks, everyone, very good stuff. Now I'm off to watch Dan Cruikshank and get more inspired by London stuff.

  9. Wardour Street: home of The Marquee. And a certain Weller incendiary device.