Friday, 21 December 2012


My plan:

Gone with the Wind; The Snowman Part II: the Revenge; Skellig (nice kid’s story, starring Tim Roth and John Simm, yes please); Singin’ in the Rain; Toy Story; Ice Age;  Stardust;

and then the crowing glory at 9.00 – 11.00 pm on Film 4 - Trading Places.

(There is an intriguing programme that I would love to watch called ‘My Small Breasts and I’ at the same time on a channel called Really, but sadly I don't have access to Really. Nor the Syfy channel, or I would be watching wall-to-wall Buffy all Christmas day.)

I love Christmas this year. 


  1. My sister usually goes to her mother-in-law's, who has a strict no TV policy for Christmas. Honestly, hell is other people.

  2. Is that Stardust the David Essex movie with Larry Hagman and Adam Faith?

  3. No, I wish, it looks magnificent. And directed by Michael Apted, who did the 7 Up series...

  4. I checked listings in vain for The Bishop's Wife but missed Trading Places - how is that possible? It's the bees marzipan and royal icing knees.

  5. Film 4 at 9.00 pm, Arabella. I'd never heard of the Bishops' Wife before, how is that possible?

    Hope you are fine my dear! DM me if you've any news x