Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Year in the Life of The Man Who Fell Asleep

by Greg Stekelman

I just found this on my bookshelves (how is this? I'm giving them away, yet they seem to be accumulating mysteriously again - I think they are BREEDING when I'm out of the room - I might be like the Victorians, and separate my male & female authors onto different shelves for the sake of propriety).

Do you know the Man Who Fell Asleep? He had a blog for years, (you can find it, I'm too lazy to link these days) then it was turned into this book, which is kind of like a blog you can hold in your hands and turn the pages of - funny, odd, surreal, satirical, random and mysterious. He's also one of the pleasures of Twitter - you can't believe how many funny thoughts a person can have in a day, it's like he's got Funny Tourettes. So I intend to read this superfast and let it loose on the tube.


  1. "What can I do for the next week to make up...?" . erm, order lots of falafel?

  2. Jaysis, that's not good. Um, an airbed awaits you at Andrew and Rosie's place in only-mildly-gloomy Dublin if you fancy it?

  3. Arabella, & smoke lots of shisha? (do they have sheesha in Morrocco?)

    Aw Andrew, that's very dear and sweet of you. Really?