Saturday, 21 August 2010

A poll

You know when someone doesn't like you... (I know, hard to believe hey) but I mean, really really doesn't like you - is charming and lovely to everyone else and rude and obnoxious or just really cold and indifferent to you, how do you respond? There is no right answer here, I'm just interested.

a) If they don't like me, fuck 'em, it's their loss.

b) Lovebomb them, charm them, win them over at all costs.

c) Who? What? Other people? I never notice them.

d) Be icy but polite back at them.

e) Get all up in their face and ask them is there a problem?

f) Or something else (and tell us what.)


  1. a and d? Also I'd poll others to see if they'd noticed.

  2. I love-bombed nasty customers all the time but that's because I'm cruel when crossed and enjoyed messing with their heads. Is this in a circle of friends?
    As yooz, Bowleserised is wise.
    And really - what IS their problem?! If they have a birthday coming up, send a manual of etiquette.

  3. Go "d". Which also stands for "Denial" where they SOOO are in.


    (And we all love you, so nerrrr.)

  5. Got to be 'a'
    Life is far too short to waste time on people like that

  6. D and then f - brood a lot and wonder what's wrong with me

  7. Option G: Wage a vendetta of hate against them.

    I'm a petty, vindictive man.

  8. Thank you, all.

    It's a friend of a friend, Arabella, who I like but doesn't seem to like me, I don't know why. It doesn't materially affect me really but it makes me want to do this

    GSE me too.

    LC, me too, if I could do it anonymously. I'm petty, vindictive and sly.

  9. Hello Annie,

    Years ago a friend of all my friends was really rude to me (he waited until our host had left the room to make a round of teas). For the next few years he always had a dig if he could and I always politely blanked them.

    Anyway, sometime later, after no effort from me, he started being nice and now we're good friends. Once he half alluded to the fact that he might have been a bit of a tosser back in the day, but other than that I've got no idea what the fuck it was all about.

    So, a mix of A and D, but never be rude or icy about it.

  10. I'd probably just be civil and shrug. It's happened in the past. Usually due to a misunderstanding, or jealousy (not necessarily of my amazingness, but usually of my relationship to someone else.) Although there's no doubt that under my cool facade, it would bother me immensely.

  11. A, every time. I've never understood it but it just happens from time to time, at least in my experience. And, cliché that it might be, it really is their problem.

  12. Hey Artog. That's intriguing. Who knows what goes on in people's heads?

    I am sure they were jealous of your amazingness, Del. It's the indifference that bothers me, I think I could deal with outright nastiness better.

    Andrew, I know, and it gets easier as you get older. But WHY, WHY, WHY, GODDAMMIT?!