Friday, 13 August 2010

On holidays

Thank you for your book suggestions, they've all gone straight on my Amazon wishlist. The books lasted - strangely enough, just finished the Paul Auster as we were touching down at Stansted. (pretty good, not as good as Brooklyn Follies, which is fabulous, and set in Park Slope where my friends live.)

This is where I was, up a mountain in Italy. I was printmaking & the studio was in the castle, at one point my guesthouse double booked my room so I had to stay in the castle itself. It's a dirty job...

I didn't miss the internet, surprisingly.

I'm missing this drink and the happy Italians.

One of them was making a project, where she asked people for a book that was special to them, a favourite artist, and something that inspires them. Mine was William Boyd's 'Any Human Heart'; Paula Rego; and (I found the last one tricky) Victoria Park. What about yours?


  1. Mmmmmmm
    The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
    The pre-Raphaelites (A group of artists I know, but what the hey!)

    Welcome back to a rainy English summer

  2. I love Raymond Chandler, Steve. I think it might be the Big Sleep which contains one of my favourite lines, something like
    "She was a blond who would make a bishop kick a stained glass window." Good choices.

  3. Angela Carter's Shaking a Leg (journalism collection) and Nights at the Circus.
    Francesca Woodman
    Horses. Sad, but true. No, not sad. They are fascinating beings.

  4. I do love Nights at the Circus, and Wise Children too. No one can replace Angela Carter. I'm quite envious of the horse thing B, I think it's too late for me now...

  5. Being There, by Jerzy Kosinski.

    Magritte. (Sorry to be predictable.)

    The encroaching awareness of my own mortality.

  6. I didn't know Being There was a book originally, Tim. Oh, I know - I think I might start hanging out with OAPs, just so I can feel like I'm relatively young and frisky again.

  7. Wind in the Willows. Vincent Van Gogh. Hospices.

  8. Ian, I only appreciated Wind in the Willows when I was a grownup. In Hackney there's a mural of Van Gogh's last painting of the field with crows on the side of a youth centre - I always wonder why they chose such an intense, suicidal picture to decorate it...

  9. The Girls of Slender Means - Muriel Spark. Goya. Choral Evensong.