Friday, 17 September 2010


Getting over someone fast. What would constitute a deal-breaker for you?

(I apologise for lack of intelligent/book-related posts. It's September, what can I say.)


  1. Anti-semitism, anti-Zionism, hitting me, likes Ayn Rand, cheating. Not necessarily in that order.

  2. Protecting our feelings is important so focusing on the unacceptable, phosphor bombs, asymmetric violence, land grabs, objectivism or say uncut finger nails are all subjective but useful tools.

    But when it's all over. And the pain has subsided it isn't really over until we forgive.

    Incidentally reckless sex elsewhere can work out.

    Gosh, we're all so fragile aren't we.

  3. A complete lack of romantic or sexual interest in me is usually a bit of a turn off, I find.

    (Not as facetious as you think - some woman the other day was saying that men only want what they can't have. I think this is bollocks, if you only want what you can't have, then you never get what you want. I want what I can have.)

  4. “I do wish people wouldn’t spoil the Pope’s lovely visit with all this irrelevant tittle-tattle about protecting child rapists and banning condoms. Oh look, there’s Susan Boyle.”

    Think that would do it for me.

  5. Anti-Zionism would not bother me, though I can see where you're coming from with Ayn Rand, GSE.

    Charles, we are, but I like the idea of reckless sex elsewhere.

    Oh LC, that's logical and pragmatic. I wish I could be like that. I'm not being contrary, if I could find someone I liked who liked me back I'd be turning cartwheels.

    I know I should be feeling irate about the Pope Tim (especially as he's all over the fucking media here) but can't help thinking all those people who don't wear condoms on his say-so are idiots. I had v drunken conversation with lapsed Catholic about this in the pub last night. Something about power & powerlessness & religion & child abuse. Can't remember now, too pissed.

    Ohhh, Billy. You are lovely, that would be a recommendation surely?

  6. If I knew the answer, I'd have spent many happier years without the irritating wistful yearning that was always left behind somewhat carelessly.

  7. Not helping me move house. Bastard.

  8. Hello, Madame DeFarge. Me too. (or, me neither.)

    Rog - dealbreaker for sure!