Monday, 27 September 2010

Love gone wrong

I am going to make a 'Crying into your beer' mixtape all about love gone wrong. Send me your tunes for inclusion I will have to find another way of making it now that Switchpod (or Bitchslut as RoMo called it) has gone down the tubes.

So far I've got Nina Simone, 'I've got it bad & that ain't good' and Roy Orbison's 'Crying'. What other tunes do we play when we're at the wrist-slitting stage?


  1. Four Tops - I just Can't Get You Out of my Mind

    Cheery tune, bleak lyrics.

  2. Hi, KoS. That is barred on the grounds of being too upbeat.

    GSE no, I am hurting, thanks for asking. But, you know, I'll get over it.

    LC, that is some techno tunage, but I tracked down the one I think you meant.
    I like it

  3. Hello. May I volunteer When Ye Go Away by The Waterboys?

    Hot, fat tears every time.

    Hugs, by the way, even though I hardly know you <:l

  4. Weird, dunno what happened with that - but yes, I was trying to link to Cake's cover of I will Survive.

  5. 'I've Been Loving You Too Long' - Otis Redding. It never fails to hurt and cleanse.

  6. 'Just One Smile' - Dusty Springfield from the Dusty in Memphis album.
    'Parlez moi d'amour' by Lucienne Boyer.

  7. Oh, and pretty much anything by the Prodigy:

    Smack my Bitch Up
    Take me to the Hospital
    No Good
    Molotov Bitch



  8. You Will Be Loved Again by Mary Margaret O'Hara and Me and My Charms by Kristin Hersh. Slay you. xx


    Must say I admire the positive energy you put into a break-up. My approach is to wallow in self pity for as long as possible.

  10. Hello, One Fine Weasel. thank you for the hugs, I need them. I like your blog. The Waterboys! I love 'em, plus it reminded me of another good tune for the mix tape, Colin Hay's I just don't think I'll ever get over you

    Arabella, oh Otis. I also like Free Me, which has the saddest trumpets in the world. I love a sad trumpet:
    Dusty has a great soulful voice. French songs! I hadn't even thought of that - a great untapped source of songs of love gone wrong!

    LC not yet angry & bitter, just messed up. Give me time.

    B, I love Mary Margaret O Hara. That whole album would do. And you reminded me of another essential one, A Feeling from the Fat Skier.

    Thanks Ian,great lyrics.

    I was looking on Youtube & Wikipedia last night, & found out about lots of really great songwriters that I didn't know about before, like Felice & Boudleaux Bryant, look how many tunes they wrote:

    My favourite version of Love Hurts is Gram Parsons & Emmy Lou Harris

  11. For me, any breakup is tainted by festering self loathing so I'll nominate Creep by Radiohead. On the other hand a bit of festering loathing of the other helps too so add in a lot of Caught Out There by Kelis and any early Alanis Morisette.

    Hugs - hope you'll be OK soon.

  12. Al Green.

    So sorry about the heartache. Can Bowleserised and I grill Em for details later? (Hooray for overlapping worlds again!)

  13. I feel there should be some In Rainbows on there, but I can't decide between "Nude" and "Videotape".

    This, though, for serious.

  14. I Want You, Elvis Costello

    Willing To Wait, Sebadoh

    Stay With Me, Lorraine Ellison

    Just When I Needed You Most, Dolly Parton

    Comment Te Dire Adieu, Françoise Hardy

    Don't Get Around Much Any More, Ink Spots

  15. I used to like this one when I was trying to keep a stiff upper lip about the whole "End of relationship" thing

  16. The Pogues & Kirsty McCall "Fairy Tale of New York":

    "You scumbag you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot".

  17. Thanks, GSE. Creep! Of course! That's just how I feel. No breakup, we weren't together, just I love him, he loves me not, it's all wretched. I just need to get away & I'll be fine.

    BiB. ah, Al Green. I wish I could come with Em to visit.

    Thanks, Emordino. Comment from overexcited 15 year old on YouTube on Nude "It's like the song is giving me head and i'm splurging in the song's brain. I literally have to stop what i'm doing when this comes on my shuffle on itunes when i'm doing homework or drawing something. I wanna fuck this song in the face." Literally made me LOL.

    That Cinematic Orchestra song is beautiful.

  18. Tim - DOLLY!! I love her. I will check out the rest - that Cee Lo Green is definitely in the mix, what a great tune. We need more like this.

    Good one, Steve. Manly yet with a wobbly lip, aww.

    Rog, I dunno, I thought it was a term of endearment.

    Thanks, everyone. I feel strangely uplifted. It made me realise almost every song in pop history is about love gone wrong. Must be common. I'm not the only loser out there.

  19. Eamon was a gracious loser wasn't he?

  20. bleurgh - I think I need a copy of your tape. For two days I thought I could say I finally had a boyfriend. It appears I was mistaken. What I do seem to have though is a kidney infection. Should have been with him tonight, instead spent the evening in A&E and won't be speaking to him again ever. I fucking hate men and life.

  21. Oh sweetie. I'm sorry - I wish you better. I don't know what happened clearly, but no chance of a second chance?

  22. Or else let's play this one before shooting ourselves

  23. "No breakup, we weren't together, just I love him, he loves me not, it's all wretched."


    Thought of another one while walking home from work: Gabrielle, Rise. Caught me unawares on the radio just after breaking up with my 10 years boyf, cried til there was no moisture left in my body.

    Btw, hope you're ok GSE.

  24. Snap? Oh mate, I'm sorry you're going through it too but must confess I feel comforted!

    10 years, ouch. Rise is a perfect heartbreak tune - there's something about Gabrielle, she's not the most technically amazing singer but she has real soul, she sounds genuine - not surprised it tripped you up.

    I do appreciate all this lovely music - it really is cathartic.

  25. Darling, longing for your ache to pass. (And have enjoyed seeing Em two nights running.) (depending on the circumstances)

    Love galore galore...

  26. or...