Sunday, 26 September 2010

Send your single friends my way

Right then. I mentioned it before, but it's an idea whose time has come. Speed dating is torture, internet dating full of nutters. What is there left? Yesterday out to dinner, we were talking about how we're all gorgeous & attractive, yet how hard it is to meet people in the big city. Thus was born the idea of the pub quiz where everyone invites their single mates, (we all have them, right) you all sit on teams with new people to break the ice. Then DJ afterwards for music & dancing, etc. We thought it should be on a Friday too so people don't have to worry about work next day (most pub quizzes are traditionally mid-week.)

I think it's genius & can't believe no one has done this before. It's MY idea and I want to do it before anyone else does.

All I need now is
1) a venue that doesn't mind pub quiz on a Friday
2) pub quiz questions
3) A funny quizmaster.
4) A DJ for afterwards.
5) People to make a simple website or nice posters/flyers to advertise (not really into the idea of Facebook)

My role will simply be to delegate, sit back, collect the money & get filthy rich.

Any takers?

Also, what do you think about getting a good balance of men and women? How can this be achieved? I don't want to be all clipboard Nazi but it is best to have a rough balance. Or even more men, because they can cope with competition if there are few women, they are like testosteroney stags clashing antlers in a forest, but if it's mostly women, it does not make for a sexy flirty atmosphere, the women get either all catty or depressed & the men want to run away.

I really want to do this, even if it's a one-off. I need your help, my internet friends.

Still trying to finish Hackney, That Red Rose Empire by Iain Sinclair.


  1. Sorry nothing to add re: dating pub quiz, except to say it's a GENIUS idea. But do want to say that I HATE Iain Sinclair and I'm not surprised you're struggling to finish, pompous windbag that he is, why does he have the strangle hold on writing about Hackney and the East End, which is so interesting but he bleeds all the life out of the subject. Rant done.

  2. Thanks Em. We were just saying how perfect you would be as quizmaster. If I had the budget, I'd fly you in specially, darling.

    What you say is true, but can't help be fond of him, I think his heart's in the right place. I just like the idea of his books more than I actually like them. Rodinsky's Room is great though.

  3. Excellent idea, but it needs a catchy title which you can then register and get Debora Meadon to invest.

    All I can suggest is "Convivial Pursuits".

    If short of single men a small ad on the "Word" website should fix that pronto.

  4. The only flaw is that the reason pub quizzes aren't normally on a Friday is so that they can encourage people to come in on quiter evenings.

    Otherwise perfect.

  5. Are you saying only men read music magazines Rog? You might be right.

    Billy, good good. You can help with obscure music questions that no one will get.

    I know, I'm hoping somewhere will have a backroom or something that we can have. It could be a mid-weeker but my thinking is that the more alcohol people can drink, the more they will mix and be friendly. Hm, am encouraging people to drink more to aid their love lives, that is a bit dodgy.

  6. I'm running a quiz in Bangkok at the moment. I'll send you my leftover questions if you like.

  7. He ruined Rodinsky´s Room for me, I skipped all his chapters! I guess we'll agree to differ on him!

  8. Tim, great! Do you make up the questions all yourself? I need to think about these things.

    Em, at least it was easy to skip his bits!

  9. I do make them up. You can lift them from books etc, but quizzing has become so pervasive it's quite likely someone else has read the same book. You can also pay an agency to send you q's, but I've found the quality doesn't justify the cost.

    Will send you a few dozen in the next couple of days.

  10. Sounds fun. Bear in mind when it comes to balancing numbers that apparently men normally only sign up for singles things at the very last minute (perhaps so they can pretend that they're only doing it because there's nothing else on) whereas women will commit weeks in advance. Also think about age groups too - men in their 40s will probably want to meet women in their 20s but not necessarily vice versa.

  11. Thanks Tim, that will be brilliant.

    Ah, I'm trying not to make it sound too much like a singles thing, just a PUB QUIZ (for mainly single people). Also trying to get friends of friends to come so people are vaguely connected already. Two of the people at dinner were guys who could already think of about 5 friends each to bring. I'm hoping the 'hanging out with your mates at pub quiz on a Friday' angle will get them there. We're all muchly the same age. (If the 40 year old blokes want to find 20 year old girls they can just go clubbing & be rejected like everyone else.)

  12. I'm not single, but I could easily get friends to go to this. I'd also do some questions for you. Hot on geography, that's me.

  13. How fantastic. I will keep you posted - I'm thinking we could make it an anti-valentine's day date.