Thursday, 24 February 2011

CV coach

When your mum starts suggesting you might employ a CV coach, you know it's time to shake things up.

Anyway, has anybody used the services of a CV coach? (I don't know if this is the right name for it - somebody who sorts your CV out for you.) Is it worth it? Can you recommend one?


  1. I have never had a CV but I'm pretty sure I'm going to need one in the not too distant future.

    I presume employers will take into account my lack of self-marketing skills and appreciate my brutal honesty?

  2. My experience is that spinning up your CV to pretend to be somebody you aren't gets you a position you aren't suited for. Being yourself with enthusiasm will eventually win through but may take longer.
    ((hold the brutal honesty though....)

  3. Geoff, wanna go halves? Maybe they'll do a discount for two of us.

    Fair enough, Rog. I don't really want to spin it, but maybe just emphasize different things. I've been knocking out the exact same CV for 20 years, just adding new jobs when I get them. There's probably a better way to do it. (still looking for the job that suits me...)

  4. Yup. 5 years ago I had my Cv looked at by someone who had done that sort of thing for a living. "We're in trouble here" was his response.

    He kindly sent me a couple of templates that I rejigged, and have been using variations of the same ever since.