Saturday, 8 January 2011


Started watching a programme about internet dating & had to turn off fast because it was a woman writing for a woman's magazine (you know what I think about them) and blogging about her dates and a joke about 'ending up alone living with cats' within the first few seconds. Lazy tired cliches, much? There is an interesting programme to be made about it but that wasn't it. Why not interview men? Why not think of a different way to do it? Why be lazy & recycle same old thinking? So I watched a programme on mind control instead (actually I fell asleep - #gettingold...)

I don't like Chardonnay.

I don't have a gay best friend.

I've never fantasized about getting married (au contraire, the thought fills me with horror and a trapped, claustrophobic feeling)

I'm not terrified of my own company or being alone. (au contraire, sometimes I think I'm so self-sufficient it probably stands in the way of meeting people.)

I still somehow think I'm interesting despite not being able to contribute personally to conversations on engagements or babies.

I fail as a single woman.


  1. I don't know. I think that mostly counts as success (gay best friends are a neutral area). I was horrified to find a chardonnay I really liked last week, I've suddenly swung from not wanting to even live with anyone to wanting to remarry as soon as possible, I'm sick of my own company and to be honest it rather spoilt my holiday not having a SO with me and I don't think I'm interesting in the slightest. I fail as a woman, single or otherwise.

  2. "horror and a trapped, claustrophobic feeling" - sums up my married weekend. If it's any help..

    I've never like Chardonnay. What does it mean?

  3. I get bored of myself too GSE, but I think getting married or hooked up isn't the answer. The idea of agreeing to be with the same person FOREVER & EVER TIL YOU DIE reminds me of that episode of Star Trek when a character gets locked in a space shuttle forever with a raving madman. What Chardonnay?

    Aw, when you got married Arabella, or every weekend? I don't believe you, Mr Arabella sounds lovely.

    It means we FAIL as women, that's what it means. (I just looked it up & apparently it is one of the grapes in champagne. I will make an exception for champagne.)

  4. Nah - I'm really lonely now. And I'm terrified of being alone when I'm old. I did feel like you did but it changed when I no longer had any close family alive.

    It was an unoaked south african one - Louisvale Dominique

  5. I sound lovely too (ahem) but you wouldn't want to live with me all the time. I dream of a white cell with a single white bed and lace coverlet. Not every weekend but enough.
    My god, give me champagne. But I think years in CA put me off domestic Chardonnay for life. GSE nails it with "unoaked", I think.

  6. Sometimes I think the only benefit of getting married is that my husband can get up in the loft. I can't. Haven't got the upper body strength to pull myself up. Maybe a glass of chardonnay would have given me a leg up?

  7. Haha, you hashtagged a blog post. You massive dork.

    Being married is like trading freedom for security. It's the relationship equivalent of giving in to the terrorists.

  8. I made the mistake of ordering a glass of house white the other day. Eeew. Now I'll never be a single woman. But then I don't have a loft.

    But GSE's right, the unoaked ones are OK. I mean, Chablis is mostly Chardonnay.

  9. I watched the whole programme as a pioneer of Internet dating 12 years ago. (and reader I married her). You didn't miss much. It was interesting to see the new angles of Facebook stalking but they went on to show her on dates and falling in love then running away from the camera in tears when she was jilted. All looked strange until the end credit said she was a bloody actress. I felt treated Chablis.

  10. GSE - maybe we will find a nice old man when they cart us off to the nursing home?

    Arabella - right, there are upsides to being single. I have a double bed and I like to sleep in it like a STARFISH.

    Billy I NEVER WILL.

    Cat, teehee! In fact I've got a jar of honey I can't get open, can you send him round?

    LC, thanks. I think. Security, eh? I'd say it's 50/50 security or acrimonious divorce & fighting over money, property and the kids.

    Tim, I am going to ask loudly in restaurants and bars ' But is it Unoaked?' from now on. They're going to love me.

    Hurrah for Mrs Rog! I saw a little bit, they should have said that it was a reconstruction at the beginning. I'd still like to see a good programme on it.

  11. I fail too - I have zero interest in kids and I've never wanted to get married. I don't generally drink the evil oaked one, though I don't mind it that much if I'm honest. I do have several gay friends and I am very boring. I don't like cats - maybe that works in my favour.

  12. Hello TB - did you part from Mr TB? I don't believe you are boring. Modest, maybe.